Posture Partnership believes that through collaborative working and training anybody can be empowered to make a profound impact on the quality and even length of people’s lives through a postural care approach.

Jane aims to deliver informative, interactive and highly practical training sessions that focus on enabling people to understand why postural care is important and what they can do to protect and restore body shape.

Please do get in touch to discuss your specific training needs. Examples of training courses offered are:

Postural Care Awareness and Therapeutic lying positioning

A bespoke short training course that can be adapted to the specific group covering the underlying principles of postural care and protection of body shape. This course can be tailored to specific individuals or groups of individuals such as care and support teams in care homes.

Postural Care Awareness and Individual assessment package

Ideal for individual support teams or groups of staff, this package includes the short course on ‘Introduction of Postural care’ in addition to one or more individual assessments.

Postural Care for Health care professionals

Please contact Posture Partnership to discus your specific training needs. Jane Pratley can provide all levels of Postural Care training to include:

Physical assessment in lying and sitting

Principles of Postural care in sitting to include specialist wheelchair seating

Principles of Postural care in lying

Accredited Level 2 Postural Care training

Working in partnership with Simple Stuff Works and OCNWMR, as the awarding body, this accredited two-day course leads to nationally recognised qualification. Participants gain foundation knowledge in why postural care is important and factors to consider when introducing postural care.