For individuals with movement problems who are experiencing discomfort in sitting or lying or have body shape changes.

A full assessment of posture and body shape will be carried out to identify postural care and mobility needs during the day and night. This can include assessment of current wheelchair and other seating, lying, mobility or hands or arm difficulties. This assessment will take between 2-3 hours and a full written report with equipment recommendations and suppliers will be provided.

Ongoing support can be provided to:

  • Arrange suitable trials of equipment such as wheelchairs or lying support. This can include full customised seating systems
  • Provision of support and training for individuals, their families and support teams to integrate equipment and postural care principles into the individual’ s lifestyle can be offered.


What to expect from an initial postural assessment?

We will spend time at the beginning of the session discussing what you hope to achieve from working together. We will then discuss your abilities, health and physical disability issues and lifestyle as to be successful postural care strategies and equipment need to be simple and enable you to live your life.

We then move onto exploring how you sit and lie. Whilst lying on your back we will assess the amount of comfortable movement in your hips, knees and feet as well as the alignment of your spine and pelvis. We may also look at your arms and hand movements whilst in this position. We are usually able to give some initial recommendations regarding how to improve your comfort and alignment in lying at this stage. If appropriate and possible we will try to explore your sitting posture on the edge of the bed with support.